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A comprehensive directory of recipes from Zimbabwe, East Africa Including …
Maize (corn) is an important food crop and it forms the carbohydrate staple of the


Recipes and ratios are staple food s over a wide part of the African continent, e.g., pap in South Africa, sadza in Zimbabwe , nshima in

How to make Zimbabwean Sadza (and serve it)How to make Zimbabwean Sadza (and serve it)
How to make sadza is a pretty simple question to answer. This Zimbabwe sadza recipe by Rumbie from is easy to follow even for new…

Zimbabwe Greens Recipe – – 200972
Home / Recipes / Zimbabwe Greens Recipe. More Recipes Like This From Food Network. The most complete collection of free recipes on the Internet, trusted by home chefs throughout the world. You can save and organize your favorite recipes into FREE online cookbooks.

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Business Star

Retrenched worker now employs 10
The Zimbabwean, on Wed, 28 May 2014 06:30:00 -0700
Today she is the proud owner of a company based in Vumba called Homeground Food Processers, which produces Homeground Guava, Strawberry and Mango jam. The company was fully established in 2010 after Feresi became … Feresi doubles as the director and

3 Quick Recipes for Zimbabwean Pumpkin & Squash Everywhere I go, I see the rust, orange, and gold of pumpkins and squashes. Some smile from my neighbors' front stoops. Some have been tagged for this year's Thanksgiving pie or pumpkin …

The Last Resort: A Memoir of Zimbabwe
Douglas Rogers, published 2009, 0 pages


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